How to create UPI & ASBA Process

1. Make sure the bank is live on UPI There are 47 banks that are live on UPI with the IPO feature. Some banks also have separate UPI apps. If your mobile number is updated with your bank, all you have to do is to set up a UPI ID. to do so, download your own bank’s UPI-enabled application from the app store, and select an ID. Alternatively, you could download the BHIM UPI application from the app store. All the banks live on UPI are aggregated on this app for easy use. This app also has an illustrative demo to walk you through the registration process for UPI and for creating the UPI ID, also called as a virtual payment address (VPA). A VPA is usually in the format of xyz@axisbank or abc@icicibank.

2. Enter UPI ID on IPO application form Investors looking to subscribe to an IPO will have to enter the UPI ID on the application form of the IPO. When the form is processed by the bank and the registered transfer agent, you will receive a notification on the BHIM UPI app, or your bank’s native application which allows you to use the UPI. When you receive the notification, use your UPI pin (selected while creating the UPI ID), and approve blocking of the amount required for the number of shares you have bid for in the IPO application form. Make sure to check the application details before approving the transaction. This way, you have approved the amount being blocked under ASBA route through the UPI’s mandate registration process for making payments. Once the allotment ratio is decided, after the bids for the IPO are in, the remaining amount over and above the shares that were allotted to you will be unblocked from your account. The whole IPO payment processing will be completed within three days.

IPO Process Guidelines
The Securitites Exchange Board of India (SEBI) SEBI/HO/CFD/DIL2/CIR/P/2018/138 has passed a circulation. Under this circulation, there is an ongoing process to introduce and apply technologies as the major process for fund raising. To do that, SEBI has decided to introduce UPI (Unified Payment Interface) as a part of process of payment of issues of funds. This will enable and help retail investors for faster and more secure way of payment.
  • 1) A Retail Individual Investor must have an valid UPI ID. A UPI ID with maximum 45 characters length.
  • 2) Those who are not the customers of Arham Shares can also submit their application and also participate in the intial public offering (IPO) through the UPI ID.
  • 3) New customer will be verified using OTP system on given mobile number.
The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  • 1) Choose the company you wish to bid in the public offering.
  • 2) Provide valid PAN card information and demat account details, where allotment proceeds can be credited.
  • 3) Provide the bidding details such as quantity, price of the offering.
  • 4) Provide your UPI ID.
  • 5) Bidding details will be uploaded to exchange platform.
  • 6) Exchange will verify PAN card information and depository will verify demat account details provided by clients.
  • 7) Exchange will provide SMS of bid conformation.
  • 8) UPI ID will be shared with sponsor bank.
  • 9) Sponser Bank will commence the request of Individual Investors.
  • 10) A Retail Individual Investor will receive conformation through SMS/ Notification on the registered mobile number linked with UPI ID.
  • 11) Retail individual investor will have an option to see all the bidding details on real time basis.
  • 12) On successful confirmation, equivalent amount will be blocked from bank account of retail individual investor.
Dear Valuable Client, Before bidding in IPO we request you to verify your all details like PAN, BANK, DEMAT etc with your latest & current details. If you have multiple demat account with us only one account will be consider for IPO bidding purpose. Please note that, ARHAM Share Consultants Pvt. Ltd. or it's Managements or it's Employee or related person (all are called "Arham Share") are no longer liable for any technical issue in hardware & software or third party tools & website failure or connectivity failure or any other failure & will not claim any type of loss from "Arham Share" & no legal action permitted for any losses. If you are agree with this "Disclaimer" then only proceed for IPO bidding on our platform. Please Bid your IPO minimum three hour prior to deadline time.